BJE Poultry’s core values encompass quality, sustainability, trustworthiness, and humanity, which all start with caring for our chickens.
We believe in the Five Freedoms for Animals:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury, and disease
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear and distress



We always try to surpass our customer’s expectations: premium service, superior birds and eggs, exact billing, precise weights and numbers, on-time delivery, professional catching and loading, and absolutely no surprises ever! Our service technicians and veterinarians routinely inspect our flocks to ensure that our poultry is cared for properly. All employees who handle live poultry receive yearly animal-welfare training. Our producers also receive similar training! Taking these extra steps to provide transparency, sustainability, and humane treatment means all the difference in the quality of our livestock.


We take great pride in our local farms and growers that produce poultry for BJE. We want to ensure that these farms continue to thrive while using farming practices that will help protect our natural resources and create a better environment for everyone. The sustainability of agriculture affects us all. We all need access to healthy food and a clean environment. How we treat our land and livestock and land will affect future generations.


BJE Poultry’s core values represent a commitment to provide a product that our customers have grown to trust. They trust we will provide a quality, affordable product. In addition to quality and price, we understand that today’s customers also want to know where their food comes from, which is why we believe in being open, transparent and trustworthy with how we grow our poultry. Our best management practices include having our poultry audited by independent third parties like the USDA, and for some animals raised by BJE, Global Animal Partnership and Certified Humane.

What We Offer

Broiler Program

BJE produces a range of breeds suitable for different sectors of the broiler market. This allows us to select the bird that best meets the needs of our customer’s particular operation.

Layer Program

BJE Poultry grows several different breeds of organic pullets that we use in our organic layer houses. We work with Hy-line, ISA, and Bovan chickens. These three lines of birds allow BJE to produce flocks that have good livability, feed conversions, and high egg quality and production!

Turkey Program

BJE Poultry contracts with local growers to produce a variety of different breeds of turkeys for plant processing and the live market. They currently use the Hybrid and Aviagen lines. They grow Hybrid Converter, Orlopp Bronze, and Artisan Gold turkeys!