BJE produces a range of breeds suitable for different sectors of the broiler market. This allows them to select the bird that best meets the needs of their customer’s particular operation.

They look for characteristics of commercial importance such as growth rate, feed conversion ratio (FCR), livability, and meat yield, which are consistently improved with continued genetic advances being made in bird welfare, leg health, cardiovascular fitness, and robustness.

BJE Poultry specializes in being able to produce a wide variety of poultry with varying weight ranges to meet our customer’s needs.  We have over 30 years of experience in managing, servicing, and growing the best lines of broilers the industry has to offer. We currently offer services for conventional and organic Cobb, Hubbard Ross, and “Sasso” broilers.

The Ross 708 is used in both the conventional and organic programs at BJE Poultry, because it is one of highest-producing meat yield birds while also keeping the cost component of feed extremely efficient during production.

The Red Sasso Broiler (an acronym for Selection Avicole de la Sarthe et du Sud Ouet), is a major player in France’s chicken-breeding. It has become a mainstay in the live market industry, which caters to immigrant communities and posh restaurants with very specific poultry-buying criteria. These criteria include slow grown, solid bone, long legs, and v-shaped breasts. We raised them without antibiotics or vegetable proteins.  Several years ago, we began producing this line of birds in the United States with great success.