BJE Poultry grows several different breeds of organic pullets that we use in our organic layer houses.  We work with Hy-line, ISA, and Bovan chickens. These three lines of birds allow BJE to produce flocks that have good livability, feed conversions, and high egg quality and production.

The Hy-Line Brown can produce over 355 brown eggs in an 80-week production cycle. Its combined traits of great feed conversion, interior egg quality, and livability have proven to be very profitable for our organic egg customers.

BJE Poultry also produces the ISA Brown organic pullet-layer. The ISA Brown is one of the most reliable and versatile layers that will still have an excellent feed conversion while being able to adapt to our different seasonal climates and housing systems.

Bovans Browns are extremely robust and a versatile bird that allows us to grow them in every housing system – multi-age and free-range environments.  This bird provides an overall solid performance.