BJE Poultry contracts with local growers to produce a variety of different breeds of turkeys for plant processing and the live market.  We currently use the Hybrid line and Aviagen lines, from Hybrid we grow the Hybrid Converter, Orlopp Bronze, and the Artisan Gold turkeys.

The Aviagen Turkeys breeding stock includes the Nicholas Select bird, and a division of Valley of the Moon Turkeys from which we grow black, auburn and bronze turkeys.

The Nicholas Select bird that we grow yields a high quantity of meat at a low cost with a good feed conversion for both the markets.

The Valley of the Moon specialty birds; the black, auburn and bonze provide a wide variety of weight ranges along with the plumage for the live market industry.

BJE is able to produce a quality grade turkey for our customers for both the Live Market and the processing industries

There are several components that have allowed us to get a better Grade Turkey, such as technology, advances in catching and loaders, animal welfare programs, and higher levels of service and management  all of which BJE Poultry has made the investment in to achieve customer satisfaction and the grade of poultry we are selling to our customers.