About Us

In 1987, brothers Billy, Jimmy, and Ed were helping with their family farm and feed business located in Kreamer, Pennsylvania when they saw an opportunity to expand into the poultry and egg industry. What became known as BJE Poultry has grown from a one-house poultry farm to many commercial grower (farmer) operations with local, family-owned farms that they have contracted with to grow their poultry. The end customer for BJE are poultry companies that sell meat or eggs to the public or to retail chains.

Presently, BJE Poultry is still family owned and operated. Jimmy left the business in 1994, but his brothers Bill and Ed are still owners, and Bill’s daughter Courtney Robinson spearheads the company’s marketing as of 2018. Bill was the President of BJE Poultry’s sister company for almost 30 years, and passed his Kreamer Feed duties to his cousin Jason Robinson in 2014.

BJE Poultry has many offerings for its end customers and partners, such as specific bird weights, color, and/or feed programs, which include conventional, organic, ABF (antibiotic-free), NAE (no antibiotics ever), Non-GMO, Certified Humane, GAP certified, and free-range animals. BJE is always looking for better ways to achieve and report on their growth to their customers and growers. They have invested in state-of-the-art software that allows them to be more productive with their flock management, time management, and reporting.